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» Boston taxis’ car-buying lawsuit goes to state court

» Toyota suspends sales of eight models

» Woman who says cab snubbed her meets with Menino



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Medallion Sales as of 8.6.09


Schedule of Events Schedule of Events
This section will help you find potential work and more crowds than usual.  May it be a sporting event, a concert or a trade show. The information is organized for your benefit by either calendar month or by the venue that the even is occurring in.
Flat & Meter Rates Hackney
Here you will find communication and information from the Hackney Dept. including the well knows flat rate schedule, inspection schedule, rules, regulations and announcements
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Medallion sales, Medallion rentals, shifts available for drivers, drivers looking for shifts, cars for sale
News News
Latest news from the Union, Hackney, Massport and around town.  This section will also include Hackney rules and regulations, Classes available for Hackney license and WAV, Inspection Schedules, Legal Stands
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This section will include Legal Stands, garages to fix cars, paint, gas stations that are open 24hrs


Welcome to the first site that has been created for the taxi industry in mind.  The site is geared to help cab drivers and owners alike.  Some of you may have driven in the past, some drive the cab right now, some do it part time and some drive what seems to be more hours than possible in a day.  Why do we do it?  For most of us its for the family or some dream that we have to fulfill.  No matter what the goal this site will grow to help you succeed and maximize your day for making money by providing valuable information.

Being a cab driver is not considered a glamorous job, but we are one of the main ways Boston keeps flourishing.  We  are the ones that help the tourists get around town as well as taking the college kids to their favorite bar to keep the economy going.  Imagine Boston without taxi cabs and you will see how detrimental it could be to the city of Boston.

There has never been a one stop forum for the cab industry, but we need it now more than ever. With changes that seem to be happening on a daily basis may it be the Hackney new rules, communication by the taxi cab union, the economic crisis, new hotels popping up, tolls increases, gas prices fluctuation, Massport info, this is a perfect site to help you keep up with the ever changing pace of this industry.

You now will have a voice and we welcome your feedback, your stories, and your comments.